Understanding Facebook Insights

You toil and toil, carefully considering what and when to post, but alas, you don’t get as may likes, shares or comments as you hoped and your reach isn’t what you expected. What did you do wrong?

Facebook algorithms seem to be ever-evolving (and not in a way that helps businesses further their reach) bummer. But, let’s make some lemonade. Because these algorithms are changing, and many Facebook page admins are continuing, business-as-usual, this gives you the opportunity to switch it up and like the cream you are, start rising to the top.

But how do you know what’s working for your business/company/non-profit/brand/group/organization on Facebook and what isn’t?

Insights. And no that wasn’t a plug for our business, it’s a tool that rolled out to help Facebook page admins and editors better understand their audience on Facebook.

First things first, download our Facebook Insights Workbook below.

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