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2019 Instagram Infographic

Instagram can feel like a puzzle, wondering when you’re supposed to post, who might like your account, and what your goals should be. Knowing who is on Instagram, what their habits are, and where they are located is a huge piece to figuring out your own Instagram strategy. If you want some help finding the best goal for your business, we can help you there, but for now, let’s take a look at where Instagram stands in 2019.

instagram infographic demographics in 2019

There are 1 billion Active Instagram Users in 2019

Who are those 1 billion people? Let’s take a closer look. We have a breakdown of roughly 53% of active Instagram account belonging to men and 47% belonging to women. Interestingly, most businesses tend to have a higher engagement and follow-rate from women. 

We also have a breakdown of where these people are located. With 42% of the urban population on Instagram, 34% of the suburban population, and only 24% of the rural population, this could have an impact on your business goals. If you are marketing products to a more rural community, this information could impact your Instagram strategy in a few ways. First, it may mean you work harder to find that small segment. More than likely, they aren’t being marketing to as often on Instagram. Another approach would be to focus on a more urban Instagram audience and work to increase your current customer base by targeting a different type of person on Instagram. 

Let’s also take a look at the age breakdown of active Instagram users. This is likely to change dramatically over the next ten years as the generations that started on Instagram as teens and twenty-year-olds are like to continue using the app into their 30s and 40s. Currently, we see a very steady decrease from teenagers to those over 60, but it is important to note that each age group is represented. Don’t count Instagram out as an app only for teenagers. 

How do Instagram Users Behave?

80% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram and of that group, over 200 million Instagram users report that they actively visit a business profile and engage with them on social media. Are you giving your customers the option to engage with you on Instagram?

Not only are there billions of active users each day, but on average, Instagram users spend 53 minutes per day on the app. That is a huge amount of time and is only 5 minutes behind the average amount of time spent on Facebook each day. Let each minute be an opportunity for someone to see your brand and product.



Here’s the big takeaway: tons of people are on Instagram. Dare we say it, everybody is on Instagram. What matters is that you collect as many pieces of the Instagram puzzle as you can, pay attention to who is on it and what trends are shifting. If you need a little backup, you know where to find us.

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All stats and data provided by Social Sprout.