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The Current State of Email Marketing 2018 (Infographic)

While there’s no doubt that instant messaging and chatbots are rising significantly in popularity, there is one communication channel that still reigns supreme. That beast is email. Still widely recognized as the number one form of communication between brands and their consumers for its effectiveness and results, we’ve put together an infographic on the current trends we’re seeing and thoughts from consumers.

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It’s no surprise that most consumers surveyed weren’t happy with non-mobile-friendly email templates when the majority of emails are opened on mobile devices today. And while email use has gone down in the last year, younger generations are still gravitating towards it as an additional form of communication.

Many people, especially at work, cannot function without their email. Here at Insights, email is an extremely important form of communication and organization. I have 40 different email folders that keep track of correspondence between all of our clients and other associates. Neither my coworker or I would be as efficient as we are without email to help. Never mind the fact that I actually have four different email accounts.

While it is a slower form of communication than instant messaging, it’s still considered the best way to communicate important information and documents in a professional environment. Emails ability to archive and organize is unmatched by any other platform today. It will be interesting to see if it continues to hold this mantle in the future.