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Social Media Landscape in 2018 (Infographic)

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Social Media Landscape – 2018 Edition

*Frequency of posts per day* – It’s important to realize that the best strategy for any business may be completely different from what the chart above depicts. Right now, the best practice for posting on Facebook is posting quality original content that will inspire conversation among your followers.

It’s always best to post quality original content on whichever platform you’re using, but that might mean not posting daily.  If your business doesn’t have the resources or material for daily posting, then it’s completely fine to post less often. Your ranking in the newsfeed will actually decrease if you’re continuously posting content that doesn’t receive adequate engagement.

And while original content should be king on a platform like Facebook, you should also be sharing content from relevant sources/accounts that would interest your followers. A platform like Twitter actually tips in the opposite direction with a best practice being to share other content more often than your own.

Thanks for reading and we hope some of this information will help you own your social media game!

2018 Infographic and Blog written and designed by Kayla Mazza.