Five Ways to Use Instagram as a Business

Instagram is on its way to becoming the norm for businesses, but it's not always clear exactly how or if a business should start an account. Now, not everyone needs to be on Instagram, but every business can be. If that's a choice you've made for your business, you may be seeing good results, or [...]

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Blog Writing Made Easy

Writing a blog is a great way to keep your website active, create content for social media, drive traffic to your website, and demonstrate that you are a reliable expert in your field. From toy stores to real estate agents to campgrounds to construction companies, we recommend writing a blog. It's all about talking directly [...]

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Marketing Privacy and Ethics

Learning from Big Brands in 2018 In 2018, it felt like every week there was a new data breach. Facebook was scrutinized for their data collection, Amazon was recording and accidentally sending unapproved messages from Alexa, Marriott had names, addresses, and passport numbers stolen from customers, and so many more businesses found themselves in bad [...]

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Digital Marketing – If You Only Invest in One Thing

Short and simple - people have been conditioned to try before they buy. We test-drive cars and try on clothes, we attend Open Houses, and pet ALL the cats at the animal shelter. We go on dates and taste-test ice cream. We are nervous about committing to something unless we're almost sure it's exactly what we [...]

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The Marketing & Sales Relationship: A Happy Marriage

  What does marketing and sales have in common with marriage? Surprisingly more than you may think. Have you ever met a couple that has been together for years? The way they work together and complement each other’­­­­s strengths make them seem as if they are a single entity. A healthy marketing and sales relationship can [...]

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Social Media: Innovative Brand Voices

Social media has exploded over the past few years. People use it personally, professionally, and for seemingly everything in between. The most successful brands on social media right now use voice, and they use it in a big way. Wendy’s: National Roast Day Wendy’s is a fast food burger chain. That much has been known [...]

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